Herbert wrote "Farm and Swim" in an apartment in Washington Heights, New York City, during several hot sticky weeks of June 2005. The album's fifteen songs consider a variety of more or less alarming topics, including death, guilt, depression, random attacks, and the ending of relationships.

  The album was recorded the following month at Skrocki Studios in Seattle. Robbie's kitchen was under construction, and as contractors came and went, the plumber accidentally let Linus out. The plumber told Herbert, Herbert called Robbie at work, and Robbie jumped in his truck to go looking around. Just then a neighbor lady walked up with Linus, who had run down the block to sniff her dog.

  "Farm and Swim" features loud guitars, violent drumming, and half-drunk vocals. As has become standard on Rat Cat Hogan recordings, the album includes guest appearances by Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger and Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie. Robbie recorded and mixed everything.

  "We're Bicoastal" is Rat Cat Hogan's first release since 2002's "Vitamins & Calcium = Health & Happiness". The CD was recorded during ten days in May 2004 in Seattle at Skrocki Studios (located conveniently at Robbie's house). Robbie plugged things in, unplugged other things, adjusted knobs and pushed buttons. He also ordered pizza, ran out for beer, made pancakes and called people on the telephone. Jay and Brian sat in the control room and made encouraging, witty and sometimes cryptic comments through the talkback microphone. Herbert stood about nervously, scrawling hasty notes on pieces of scratch paper, and towards the end of the 10 days was bitten by a big dog on nearby 80th Street. Christy showed up on occasion to weed the flowers, take Linus to the park, and once, to deliver a huge cauldron of minestrone. Sean stopped by, put on headphones, listened once, nodded, and then recorded a dozen vocal tracks in maybe four minutes. Later, Chris Walla played the piano and mixed everything at the Hall of Justice.