If you take Interstate 270 at a fortunate time when there is no traffic, you can get from the Missouri suburb of St. Charles County to the Illinois suburb of Madison County in 20 minutes, the whole time narrowly skirting the northern edge of the city of St. Louis. Perhaps this route is responsible for the strange bond between these suburbs; a bond that possibly caused the formation of bi-state quartet So Many Dynamos.

  From the twisted disco of "Heat/Humidity" to the what-do-you-want-from-me anthem "Let's Laugh About It Later" to the chillingly dark saga "These Things Happen," the 10 tracks that make up So Many Dynamos' debut full length "When I Explode" are frantic, powerful, and most importantly, fun. Driving keyboards, angular guitars, and intricate drumming provide the framework for a unique brand of chaotic pop that may, at the drop of a messenger bag, effortlessly cross the line from a fist-pumping pop chorus to a youthful freak-out that only a group of barely-legal mid-westerners could pull off.

   photo by mike baehr.